Shifting towards sustainable Agriculture and Gardening by bringing innovative bio-herbicides based on Science

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Solutions for professionals and for individuals

APEO has developed a portfolio of 3 products based on Natural Essential Oils that act as Biological herbicides for use in Home & Garden or/and Professional Agriculture. Our glyphosate-free solutions are all individually respectful of environment, human health and global regulations.

Plant killed by the solution
Normal green plant
The 2 founders of APEO assessing their solutions
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The result of years of scientific research

We put science at the hearth of our profession to develop efficient products that meet both individuals and professionals needs.

  • Covered by Intellectual Properties
  • Chemical-free
  • Efficiency guaranteed

We are looking for

The homologation of the solution is a long path, we are planning to start the commercialization in 2025
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Our Process

From the earth to your home

The principle of our research is to study the products given to study the products offered by Mother Nature and to develop and magnify their efficiency while keeping their environmentally-friendly properties.

Testing experiment science agriculture

We search for the best solution

The first step of the ressearch begin in the laboratory. The goal is to discover the active substance of tomorow.

Testing experiment science agriculture

We test and assess the solution

The second phase of the ressearch is in Petri dishes and greenhouse. The goal is to prove the concept found in the first step.

planting seeds in field

We deliver our new solution

The last development phase is in field.  The objective is to prove the concept on real conditions before fulfilling the regulatory procedure.

A tractor representing the professional agricultural sector
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For professionals

We are developping different solutions based on the needs and the uses of the professionals. Our products are suitable for standard application equipments.

Apeo solution for home and garden use
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For individuals

Our products for gardening are based on biosourced formulations. Our goal was to find a formulation where all the compounds are biological, biodegradable and safe for the environnment and the human healths.